Save More. Win More. Zero Risk.

Savings are backed by deposit insurance (fully protected against losses) and earn a higher interest than most banks. Join the waitlist for priority access.

How It Works

Save to get tickets for weekly draw

Every $1 in your account balance gets you a lucky draw ticket every day. The more you save, the more you win!

Increase your odds

Earn extra tickets by saving together with friends and learning tips on how to manage your money.

Play and Win

All your tickets will be automatically entered into a weekly drawing at 5pm every Friday.

Everyone’s a Winner

Whether you win a prize or not, you make higher interest and achieve your savings goals. No catch, no hidden fees!

Secure and Insured

Your deposits are held in your name at our partner bank in Singapore and insured up to $75,000 against any risk of loss. You can withdraw your money at any point with no penalty.

Support and Learn

Form a savings pool with your friends and earn 10% more tickets per person that joins the group. Increase your odds of winning by taking positive steps to improve your financial wellness.

Earn More

Earn a return that is ~10X higher than the interest from basic savings deposits rate at most banks. There are no hidden fees, monthly fees or account minimums.

Win even when you lose

Regardless of whether you win the lucky draws, you'll still get higher returns on your savings than at other banks

The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) paid are accurate as of 19 May 2021. Interest rates might change at any time at the banks' discretion.


Not yet. We are in the midst of obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals. In the meantime, we’ve started a waitlist to determine market interest and provide priority access when the product is live.

No. If you leave your email with us on this page, we will only use it once to notify you when the product is ready to go live. We will never sell or pass on your information to anyone without your consent.

Research has shown that prize-linked savings accounts help people save more over time by making saving money fun. These accounts exist today in over 20+ countries worldwide from when it was first introduced in the UK in the late 18th century. Here's what thought leaders at the University of Sydney and Harvard Business School have to say about it!

Any amount. We have no account minimums. Every $1 saved in your account will get you 1 ticket to enter in the prize drawings.

The prizes are a combination of cash prizes and non-cash vouchers that will be credited to your account, including a chance to win a top prize of $10,000 every week.

We are partnering with a bank in Singapore which is willing to pay higher interest to attract deposits. These deposits will be insured against loss by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC) up to $75,000. The bank is also under the supervision and oversight of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). We will reveal the identity of the bank upon the formal launch of the product.

We take a small distribution fee for our services. The exact figure will be announced at launch.

We are free to use. No commitments, no lock-ups, no catch, no hidden fees. All your savings are fully protected and backed by deposit insurance.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and finance professionals who are passionate about helping people make better money decisions. Money is the #1 source of stress for most Singaporeans. Our goal is to make good money practices fun and enable our family, friends and community to live the best lives their money can buy.

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